Singapore part 4: welcome in Singapore!

Hello human! In my last blog I was still busy planning the whole trip from London but currently I’m writing this blog in a Starbucks in Singapore! The flight I decided to use KLM as my emigration carrier which is always a breezes compared to UA, AA or BA. Flying on the busiest day from […]

Singapore part 3: everything ready? Let’s go!

Hello human! My last post is from 25 May and that means it is time for more information and a status update! Much has changed since then and people want to know if I’m really going! Is everything ready? Almost two months ago I got my answer:

Singapore part 2: Where to live and how to get around

Hello human! I can’t believe my last post was in March! That means I’ve been really busy but currently there are update so It’s time for me create a new shiny blog for myself and for you. What’s the status? Currently my request to get an EP is in progress but I had to provide […]

Singapore part 1: planning the move

Hello human! This is the first post of a (hopefully) successful documentation of me (DJVG) moving to Singapore. These posts are meant to be read as a guide to relocate to another place in the world, in this case Singapore. A lot of this information applies to other countries as well and can be used […]


Around 10 years ago I started to write blogs. Some of them were interesting but most of them were just so called brainfarts. With this shiny new blog I want to focus more on my technical adventures. If you want to know more about me please head over to the about me page or get […]