Singapore part 4: welcome in Singapore!

Hello human!

In my last blog I was still busy planning the whole trip from London but currently I’m writing this blog in a Starbucks in Singapore!

The flight

I decided to use KLM as my emigration carrier which is always a breezes compared to UA, AA or BA. Flying on the busiest day from Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport) made me worry a bit but it was smooth. I didn’t have to queue at all, something that wouldn’t last for a long time… Continue reading Singapore part 4: welcome in Singapore!

Singapore part 2: Where to live and how to get around

Hello human!

I can’t believe my last post was in March! That means I’ve been really busy but currently there are update so It’s time for me create a new shiny blog for myself and for you.

What’s the status?

Currently my request to get an EP is in progress but I had to provide quite some documentation as mentioned in my earlier post. The main thing seems to be education. As a self taught computer guy I only have a low level diploma which I thought would hurt the process instead of helping but they really really needed it so I got it translated and legalized. Continue reading Singapore part 2: Where to live and how to get around

Singapore part 1: planning the move

Hello human!

This is the first post of a (hopefully) successful documentation of me (DJVG) moving to Singapore. These posts are meant to be read as a guide to relocate to another place in the world, in this case Singapore. A lot of this information applies to other countries as well and can be used in general.

Why am I moving and why should you?

I’m born and raised Dutch in a city close to Amsterdam, my parents provided access to multiple forms of education, sports and playing an instrument. Because of my open upbringing, visiting multiple cities inside Europe

I’ve always been interested in the rest of the world. I went on my first trip to Tokyo, Japan in 2010 and a whole new world opened to me. And this first experience of a totally different culture made a big impression on me that never went away. When I met my current significant other in the Netherlands I had a chance to go to Singapore, Malaysia and mainland China. Visiting those countries as a tourist, meeting locals and enjoying the local cuisine was a great experience and for some reason visiting those countries felt like home. Continue reading Singapore part 1: planning the move

Recover Cyclades AlterPath ACS

For some reason I tend to break everything I get my hands on. Don’t worry, nothing major of course and your devices are safe with me, but I do like to break stuff.

Because OOB management is mandatory in a good management environment, I got my hands on a Cyclades AlterPath ACS32 console server. It was running an ancient firmware (september 2003)  and I searched for a new one online, downloaded it, set-up an FTP server, uploaded the new firmware and perfomed a reboot, as exepect the thing broke down. I hooked up a normal console cable and saw it kernel panicking. Because I didn’t see the bootloader I took it apart, removed the compact flash card, put it in my PC and found some kind of proprietary filesystem, no luck there.

Continue reading Recover Cyclades AlterPath ACS


Around 10 years ago I started to write blogs. Some of them were interesting but most of them were just so called brainfarts. With this shiny new blog I want to focus more on my technical adventures. If you want to know more about me please head over to the about me page or get in touch through the contact page!